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VRBox Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

1. Oculus Quest VR Headset
1.1. VR Headset is not calibrated

Ensure that there is enough space for a room-scale experience (an area of at least 3x3 meters), enough lighting, and no bright or reflective surfaces nearby (artificial lighting gives the best results, as a very bright natural light can interfere with the hand tracking sensor). For a good tracking of the environment, it is suggested to calibrate the space in the following cases:
-    Every time the VRBox is moved to a new space
-    If one month or more has passed since the last calibration

Here are some guidelines for creating the Oculus Quest guardian system (via controllers or hand tracking):

· Don't get too close to a wall or other obstruction
· Space should not be too large or too complicated — stick to a simple geometric shape without a lot of twists and turns

1.2. Oculus Hand Tracking 

a.    If hands are not shown inside the Oculus home, go to Settings-> Devices->Hand tracking and controllers and activate Hand Tracking and Auto switch between hands and controllers
b.    If this does not work, switch off the Oculus Quest and clean with a soft cloth the 4 Oculus camera in the front.

2. VRTouch Haptic Device

1.    VRTouch devices are not connecting (they all have a white pulsating color)
Quit and restart the SchneiderHVT application.
2.    VRTouch is not switching on
Put the device to charge and wait five minutes. Unplug the device and switch it on. Check the battery level of the devices through the VRTouch Manager in the Automatic VR Box Startup Tool in the Options field. If the device is low on battery leave it to charge for one hour and replace it with one of the spare ones in the VRTouch Manager.

3.    Chromecast

If you can not see the Chromecast device, you can check the following:
To fix your Chromecast setup issues, you can try the following:
•    Make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Oculus Quest 
•    Reset your Chromecast by holding the reset button on your dongle for 25 seconds
•    Reset your modem or router
•    Move your router closer to your Chromecast

4.    Router

Please refer to the router manual in the FAQ section.

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