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At Go Touch VR we provide equipment training professionals access to the best simulations using TOUCH on a day-to-day basis. We believe that every trainee should have the opportunity to rehearse, practice and test themselves within a safe, controllable space that is as close to real life as possible and is within an arm’s reach of their work place.


Our Virtual Haptics Training provides a high-fidelity experience combined with a high function haptics (touch) experience in a VR based environment. This allows you to reduce the rate of risk of trainees operating in dangerous conditions and is cost effective. Go Touch VR uses the latest high definition graphics and virtual reality techniques combined with the sense of touch to deliver a ‘feel real’ experience. We adapt our solution to match those needs and create value for them.

At Go Touch VR, we help Manufacturing Companies who offer their customers complex and sophisticated products, adopt Haptics technology to enable the stimulation of the sense of touch and digitize their Professional Training.

We understand the importance of Touch and the ease of interaction in VR Training and how they can enhance the overall experience in a Virtual Environment.

Haptic Technology not for your industry? Think again!

We integrate our solution that makes

the adoption of VR for Professional Training easy and user friendly in various operations such as:

* Safety training.

* Maintenance training.

* Mechanical training.

* Industrial machining.

* Material Handling Equipment training.

* Process & operations training.

* Assembly line training.

We empower professionals to achieve excellence through our Virtual Haptics Training.

Starting from the 3D CAD drawings of the equipment and the maintenance procedures/practices provided by the customer, we create immersive training solutions that provide natural interactions thanks to the sense of touch.


From our core technology platform, we provide customized professional training experiences in a VR based environment, employing the very latest virtual reality techniques combined with the sense of touch delivered through a cutting-edge haptics intelligence system.


We believe that businesses must adopt strategies that are intelligent, responsive and that are going to anticipate the needs of their customers.


Our Solution:

* Makes the VR training more immersive.

* Enables the interaction with the Virtual Environment.

* Activates the haptic feedback.

* Enhances the adoption and simplifies the interaction.

* Brings more satisfaction to the users.

* Enhances YOUR brand’s image.

We deliver our Virtual haptics Training with a VRbox including all the necessary devices needed to deliver VR haptics training.


VR BOX - Plug & Train - A transportable and easy-to-use Virtual Reality toolkit.


Imagine if one could set-up a virtual training station in minutes – in a coffee shop, or at your customer's place. We took the challenge to integrate a convenient mobile solution for everyone who wants to bring their VR content anywhere.
As per the customer’s needs, we integrate our Virtual Haptics Training into a VRbox which Includes all the necessary devices needed to deliver VR Haptics Training.


Equipment included in the VRbox are the Windows MR headset, in-built workstation with VR and haptics compatible PC, haptics interfaces with VRtouch and haptics-enabled training modules.


Advantages of the VR Box are:

* Reduced set up time <5 minutes.

* All software and hardware are pre-configured for the turnkey solution.

* Robust, easy to check-in in any airplane and watertight.







Digital professional training involving high-risk scenarios for manual workers

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