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With the sense of touch being added to the already full experience of Virtual Reality, users would now be able to touch along with experiencing an alternate world of sight and sound. This third feature would add more colors to the existing enthusiasm of the entire experience. Haptics (the feeling of touch) researchers are working on inculcating this wonderful element of touch and feel into the virtual reality with genuine, everyday applications.


The device VRtouch would be lashed onto the fingertips. This device, invented by a French organization called Go Touch VR, would add differing weight to the fingertips that relates to what the client is seeing, touching and lifting in the virtual world.

“That will open huge conceivable outcomes,” said Eric Vezzoli, fellow benefactor of Go Touch VR.

Applications for the touch gadget incorporate enabling clients to experience preparing for a safe virtual condition.

Vezzoli explained that tying the three of the VR touch gadgets on each hand – the thumb, the index finger, and the middle finger – is the most perfect way to wear the gadget and make the most of it.

It was said that one can utilize something like six fingers. Why? Since three fingers are sufficient to control light protests. For instance, in case you’re writing something down, you utilize only three fingers. However, (in) VR, there’s no mass, there’s no weight. Along these lines, the use of only three fingers is simply enough.


A surgical planning in a therapeutic system or learning in a mechanical setting would be necessary in case of training in virtual reality with the feeling of touch. An alternate application can be found in the publicizing scene.

“You can, for instance, visit a loft — virtual flat. You can open a bureau. You can touch the bed — feel its delicate quality, and that creates a physical association with the purchaser that can expand the shot of offer,” said Vezzoli.

The organization’s customers incorporate the carmaker BMW. Go Touch VR trusts its haptic gadget will intrigue content makers, significant partnerships, and the military, as virtual the truth is even more generally utilized as a part of this present reality.










Touching Objects in Virtual Reality is now Possible

This third feature would add more colors to the existing enthusiasm of the entire VR experience.

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