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Tactile device for VR to put on fingertip "Go Touch VR" experience report: COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018

At the innovation & startup related exhibition "InnoVEX" jointly organized with COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018, the real machine of the haptic feedback device for VR "Go Touch VR" which can be operated by fitting to the fingertip was displayed. This time we will deliver that experience report.


Go Touch VR is a haptic feedback device for VR to be worn on fingertips. Combined with "Leap Motion" which recognizes finger movement, it functions as a VR controller with haptic feedback.

▲ Haptic feedback device "Go Touch VR" 


▲ Detecting finger movements with "Leap Motion" operating a PC with hand gestures etc.


Go Touch VR is currently being offered for developers, and for consumers It is not sold. Supported VR devices include Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. When listening to correspondence to "Oculus Go" which the popularity recently exploded, I got a positive response that "We are considering correspondence". 

Go Touch VR can be used up to six simultaneously. Leap Motion detects fingers themselves, so you can use even one for each index finger, but if you prepare six, you can use it by wearing it on your thumb, forefinger and middle finger.

▲ This time I went to the left with one Go Touch VR on my right hand and experienced with Go Touch VR on my right
▲ At first it is felt that "fingertips are not being pressed", but real sense of keystrokes was obtained in the midst of hitting the xylophone, as the feeling became familiar as VR contents progressed

This experience demonstration is a tutorial format. First of all, after pushing the button which floats in the VR space several times, it pushes the approaching sphere with fingers, and hits the xylophone. 

There was almost no delay in the tactile feedback of Go Touch VR when touching an object in VR space, especially the feeling when playing the xylophone was felt realistically. Haptic feedback is reproduced by applying pressure to the fingertip (squeezing out the part touched by the fingertip).

VR content for demo You can grab a ball of about the size of the bowl that appears in the bowl, but when you shake the sphere in the grasped state, I felt the change in weight when shaken by tactile feedback. Perhaps it is slightly changing the timing and pressure of the tactile sense. 

The combination of Go Touch VR and Leap Motion hand-tracking controller compatible with haptic feedback ensures a sense of immersion in the VR space. I hope that inexpensive and sophisticated products will be released for consumers. In particular, I would like to strongly hope to launch it for standalone VR devices such as Oculus Go.

▲ I am eager to sell to consumers! 
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