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 VRBox startup guide

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Haptic VR training equipment software user manual

Frequently asked questions

What do the colors on the VRtouch Haptic device LED mean?

The VRtouch haptic device LED indicates the current state of the device.

When the color of the LED light is:

- White: The device is ready to connect to the VR box.

- Red: The device is assigned to the right thumb and ready to operate.

- Green: The device is assigned to the right index and ready to operate.

- Cyan (Light Blue): The device is assigned to the left thumb and ready to operate.

- Magenta (Pink): The device is assigned to the left index and ready to operate.

- White blinking: The device is switched on and charged. Unplug the Micro USB to begin to operate the device.

- Off: The device is turned off or its battery is depleted.

How can I turn on the VRtouch haptic devices?


A VRtouch device is switched off when the LED is not emitting any light. Press the button on the top of the VRtouch device for 2 seconds to switch it on. A pulsating white light indicates that the device is switched on and ready to connect.


How do I know the battery level of the VRtouch Haptic devices?

While the VRtouch devices are switched on, briefly press the button. The LED color indicates the level of charge of the devices: Green charged, yellow medium charge, red low charge.



Why do I have 6 VRtouch Haptic devices in the VRbox?

We have included 2 spare VRtouch devices to ensure the continuous operation of the VRbox for special case issues.


Why do I have two hand-tracking sensors in the VRbox?

The hand tracking sensor should be replaced after 90 minutes of operation, or when it is hot. We have included a second sensor to ensure the operations for long Haptics VR training sessions.

The hands of the user are not tracking properly. What can I do?


Follow the following steps:

1. Ask the user to look at his/her hands while operating in VR.

2. Touch the hand tracking sensor mounted in front of the VR headset. If it is hot to the touch, or if more then 90 minutes have passed since the beginning of the VR session, switch it with the second sensor provided.

3. Check the luminosity of the room. If there is direct sunlight entering, try to shield the windows to minimize the impact of the strong light on the hand tracking performance.

4. If the user is wearing a black suit or a black vest, ask, if possible, to remove it to maximize the hand tracking performances.

The headset is not tracking properly the environment, what can I do?

Ensure that other people are not passing or moving in the space in front of the user operating the headset and the room is properly lit with artificial light.

I’m badly positioned and the user can not interact with all the scenario, how I can modify it?

Ask the user if you can guide him/her towards the correct positioning, reposition him/her and ask him/her to look towards the correct direction, ask her to close her eyes and press the space bar on the PC to reset the direction.


You can modify the height of the scenario with the up and down arrows of the keyboard.

How do I take control of the keyboard when I’m in VR?

Sometimes windows deactivate the PC keyboard once VR starts. In that case, a blue band appears on the top of the screen. Press the Windows button + Y to regain control of the PC keyboard as indicated on the screen.

Trainer's guidelines

Every 90 minutes change the hand tracking sensor (or if you experience poor performances).

o Do not show your hands while guiding the users through the VR experience, they cannot see them and it might disrupt the performance of the hand tracking sensors

o Always ask prior to touching someone while they are in a VR scenario (they are in another world, and not aware of you)

o Charge the VRtouch devices between users or after one hour of use. While switched on you can check the charge status by pressing on the button and checking the color indication: green charged, yellow medium charge, red low charge.

o The VRBox Training kit is designed for VR spaces with artificial light. Please avoid direct sunlight on the sensors or spaces.

o Users should avoid wearing dark clothing while using VR. Hand tracking works best with light colored clothing.

VRbox Troubleshooting

Table of contents

1.       VR Headset 

1.1        I don’t see any images in the headset after starting the SchneiderHVT application.

1.2        Headset is not calibrated (you can’t move in Virtual Reality) 

1.3        SteamVR is not starting or gives an error message. 

1.4        When I move through the real space, the VR space remains static. 


2.       Hand tracking device. 

2.1        My hand tracking device is not showing the hands. 

2.2        My hand tracking device is tracking poorly. 

2.3        The VR mount of the Leap Motion or its cable are entering and obstruction of the VR headset’s      camera  

2.4        The VR mount for the Leap Motion camera has been detached from the headset by someone  


3.       VRTouch. 


4.       USB device not recognized (error) 


5.       SchneiderHVT

1. VR Headset


1.1 VR headset is not displaying any images after starting the SchneiderHVT application.

Unplug the Windows Mixed Reality headset cables in the laptop (1 USB 3.0 and 1 HDMI). Restart the computer. Log in to Windows and then plug the Windows Mixed Reality headset cables in the laptop. Start Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR and check if the headset is now visible the VR space.

1.2 Headset is not calibrated (Movement Difficulty in Virtual Reality)

Ensure that there is enough space for a room-scale experience (an area of at least 3x3 meters), enough lighting, and no bright or reflective surfaces nearby (artificial lighting gives the best results, as a very bright natural light can interfere with the hand tracking sensor). For a good tracking of the environment, it is suggested to calibrate the space in the following cases.

  • Every time the VRBox is moved to a new space

  • If one month or more has passed since the last calibration

Open the Mixed Reality Portal (if it didn’t start automatically) to set up the play area. Follow the instructions as shown in the following images (1-5 Slideshow) *. If the Windows Mixed Reality Portal opens automatically, switch to Desktop control (keyboard and mouse) by pressing at the same time the Windows key + Y.

It is possible that after setting up the space that you will be asked to look left and right and then to the floor while wearing the headset for a final space calibration.

Here are some guidelines for creating a boundary:

· Don't get too close to a wall or other obstruction

· Make sure to hold your headset at waist height and face toward your computer while you trace the boundary

· Make sure the sensor isn’t blocked and there is enough light

· The traced space should be larger than 3 square meters

· Space should not be too large or too complicated — stick to a simple geometric shape without a lot of twists and turns

· Don’t cross back over your own path as you’re tracing

· If stuck in a corner, start over


1.3 SteamVR is not starting or gives an error message

Quit SteamVR and restart it from the desktop shortcut - Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. If everything is plugged in and SteamVR is still not starting or is blocked, please restart the computer.

1.4 When I move through the real space, the VR space remains static


Look at the front of the VR headset. Check that the Leap Motion VR mount is in its correct position: lower part of the headset. Check that the Leap Motion cable is not obstructing the VR headset’s two cameras and secure the cable behind the headset.

2. Hand Tracking Device

In the case of the Leap Motion hand tracking device, you can always verify the tracking status by opening the Leap Motion Control Panel from the Start Menu and opening the Troubleshooting tab. It is recommended to use good artificial lighting for the best results and avoid very bright natural lighting conditions.

2.1 My hand tracking device is not showing the hands

a) Leap Motion Controller is off

Right-click on the new Leap Motion Control Panel system tray icon and click Settings. On the General tab, check Allow Images. This allows apps to access the infrared video pass through.

Check if the hand tracking device infrared camera is connected in the bottom right corner of the Windows task bar like in the following image. Also, on the Leap Motion camera, a red light in front and a green light on the front or bottom part should be visible (depending on how the VR mount is set).


b) Leap Service is not running

In this case, open the Windows Task Manager by pressing the Windows key and writing task manager or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choosing the Task Manager option from the menu.

In Task Manager open the Services tab and scroll down to the LeapService process. If the Leap Service appears as Stopped, right-click on it and press Start.

2.2     My hand tracking device is tracking poorly

a)    Smudge detected message appears

Take a cloth or piece of fabric and clean the Leap Motion until the smudges disappear.

b)    Leap Motion device is hot

Change the device with the spare Leap Motion device and continue operating.

2.3    The VR mount of the Leap Motion or its cable are entering and obstruction of the VR headset’s camera 

Please refer to section 1.4.

2.4    The VR mount for the Leap Motion camera has been detached from the headset by someone

Please reattach the Leap Motion VR mount in the lower part of the VR headset by following the procedure described in the picture below. If the Leap Motion VR mount is not adhering enough you can use 3M double tape.

3.   VRTouch Haptic Device

3.1 VRTouch devices are not connecting (they all have a white pulsating color)

  1. Make sure that Flight mode is off.

  2. Check that the Bluetooth connection is on. Your devices would appear as Paired or Connected in the Other Devices field.

3.2 VRTouch is not switching on

  1. Put the device to charge and wait five minutes. Unplug the device and switch it on. Check the battery level of the devices through the VRTouch Manager in the Automatic VR Box Startup Tool in the Options field. If the device is low on battery leave it to charge for one hour and replace it with one of the spare ones in the VRTouch Manager.

4.    Error: USB Device Not Recognized

This is a specific Windows error concerning the USB ports on the computer and can be related to software or hardware issues. If it appears because of a software problem this can be solved simply by using the following procedure from the following link: .

If this procedure doesn’t solve the issue, or it temporarily solves it, then the problem is related to the hardware and can be solved through warranty or by using the multi-USB hub which can be found in the VRBox.

This can appear in many ways depending on the USB port in which the hardware device is communicating with the computer.

  • In the case of Leap Motion, the device will appear off in the Quick Start bar (message Leap Motion Controller is off) and the troubleshooting guide will not be able to turn it on.

  • In the case of the headset the Mixed Reality Portal will tell either that the cable is not plugged in even after a restart of the computer, however, it will work if the USB port is changed.

5.    SchneiderHVT


To use the Hotkeys the SchneiderHVT window must be in focus by pressing Windows key + Y until the blue band on the screen disappears.

Mouse1 or Spacebar key – recenters the VR user

Up – raises VR user

Down – lowers VR user

– goes to Home Menu

Esc – exits the application


Schneider HTV HMI language user manual

XML Directories


All the language XML files are located in the application’s installation folder:

“C:\User\SchneiderHVT\AppData\Programs\SchneiderHVT”) like this

: HMI: (SchneiderHVT app path)\SchneiderHVT_Data\StreamingAssets\Xml\ HMI

: Electrical distribution VR Lab : (SchneiderHVT)\SchneiderHVT_Data\StreamingAssets\Xml\ Electrical distribution VR Lab


How to change the language


XML Folders (like “HMI” or “Electrical distribution VR Lab”) contain two items :

Languages (Folder) : contains all language folders (like “En”, “Fr”, “Cn”… ).

CurrentLanguage.txt (Text file) : it will inform the application about the language folder that it has to use once it runs. If you want to start the application in English and your “Languages” folder already contains a folder that named “En”, then you have to write “En” inside “CurrentLanguage.txt”. (both are case sensitive).


How to add a new language and translation?


To add a new translation, you have to :

: Go in the “Languages” folder of each XML Folders (like “HMI” or “Electrical distribution VR Lab”).

: Duplicate (Copy&Paste) a folder that already exists in the “Languages” folder.

: Change the folder’s name (for example, for the Chinese language, you can rename it by “Cn” or “Chinese”).


Open all the XML files inside the duplicated folder.



To switch the application current language, please see the previous chapter.


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Electrical distribution VR


“Electrical distribution VR” folder contains two XML files :

: ObjectsSentences.xml: contains all the words that will be shown on the scene’s objects.

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Scenarios: contains all the instructions that will be shown during each scenario.

  • DS_(…): instructions that will appear during the scenario “Discovery”.

  • SZ_(…): instructions that will appear at the security zone.

  • LV_(…): instructions that will appear near the Low Voltage Equipment. o MV_(…) : instructions that will appear near the Middle Voltage Equipment.

  • GOTO_(…): instructions that will appear on the spawning button.

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