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Scuola Camerana is a primary mechanical manufacturing school in Turin, Italy. It trains several thousands of students each year in industrial manufacturing techniques.


The training on manufacturing machines is a massive hindrance in training centers. The footprint, price of the equipment, and the limited time available for the students on the machines require massive investments to deliver a proper hands-on training to the students.




  • Impossible to parallelize the training on the same machine

  • The necessity to ensure standardization in the outcome

  • The necessity to ensure the learning of manual operations

  • The necessity to decrease the individual cost of training

Our Solution

Development in partnership with the trainers and teacher of Scuola Camerana of a pedagogic methodology to transfer hands-on training with immersive technologies for industrial machines.


We developed a streamlined procedure enabling the creation of TOUCHABLE compatible content starting from CAD files and videos of the real interaction.


The product takes the shape of a training module enabling unsupervised students complex manufacturing equipment in security and in a parallel manner.


Go Touch VR will transfer the competence to implement touch sense to Scuola Camerana to allow them to produce Touchable content autonomously.

The features of the product are:


  • Enables exercise of the manual operation for learning the correct action sequence through Touch rendering

  • Ability to deliver unsupervised learning of the students. The prototype has been confirmed for an evolution towards a full classroom (6 seats)

VIRTUAL REALITY HAPTICS CLASSROOM Parallelization of the training process in manufacturing to train students in schools

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