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Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational corporation that specializes in energy management, automation solutions, spanning hardware, software, and services

Complex Equipment maintenance is a critical operation within the lifespan of a product. For high voltage electrical equipment, it involves electrocuting risk, and it requires training on large and expensive training centers. It is a routine operation for each worker with large expenses in logistics and have major time management issues. The case involves

  • Expensive training operations for the company employees

  • Necessity to ensure standardization in the outcome

  • Ability to deploy the virtual training in several centers and for several customers

  • Necessity to ensure the learning of manual operations

Our Solution

 In partnership with the training department Gotouchvr came with a solution to make training a better way by introducing Haptic technology in VR.  


We developed a streamlined procedure enabling the creation of TOUCHABLE compatible content starting from CAD files and videos of  real time interactions.


The product takes the shape of a series of training module enabling unsupervised professionals to train for complex maintenance procedures in secure manner.


We consult Schneider for the implementation of VR and Haptics training solution for their global customer and trainer network.



  •  Easy to use for non tech savvy users.

  •  Enables exercise of the manual operation required in the maintenance case through Touch rendering

  •  Ability to test the outcomes of wrong operations leading to electrocuting in the safe environment of VR.

  • Easy to Deploy: implementation of the solution in several centers through the native integration of Haptics technology into standard VR equipment






















Digital professional training involving high risk scenarios for manual workers

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