VR Touch on hand


Dev Kit 1 content:

  • 3 x VRTouch devices
  • 1 Tracking system
  • 1 year support*
  • Software Development Kit

*with possibility of additional yearly extensions

Dev Kit 1 features:

  • High quality Haptic rendering: (Real contact sensation, Click Sensation, Spatial Textures, Compliance, Vibration)
  • Inertial Tracking
  • Gesture recognition
  • Wireless connection
  • 2-hour battery life
  • Low latency wireless connection
  • Scalable Concept
  • Compatible with all the major VR/AR HMDs
  • Haptic API for Unity, Cryengine and Unreal Engine

Software Development Kit

  • Graphic Engine Integration: Unity 3D, Unreal Engine
  • Hand tracking System:  Compatible with Leap Motion, Intel Real Sense
  • Customisable Click Sensations
  • Customisable Material Properties
  • 1 year support and updates

System requirements:

  • Windows® 7+
  • AMD PhenomTM II or Intel® CoreTM i3/i5/i7 processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Internet connection


We are currentlty collecting information about developer’s needs to help you get started developing for VR Touch! If you are a developer we would appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to answer few questions


VR Touch is a complete wearable haptic system for manipulation in Virtual/Augmented Reality environment. The system is designed to be worn on one or more fingers (on either one or both hands) and used together with a VR/AR headset. Within immersive VR scenario, when the user’s virtual fingers get in touch with an object, the system creates a real contact under the user’s fingers matching the virtual contact. Visual and tactile feedback coupling provides for a more immersive and realistic VR experience. VR Touch is capable of high quality touch and grasp rendering and it allows for natural dexterous manipulation. The real touch sensation allows for: 3 Senses in Virtual Reality, Realistic Experience, Greater Immersion, Natural Interaction (grab, touch, buttons), short learning time and greater control and dexterity (watch the video). Do you want to find out more about VR Touch DK1?


Download the documentation

VR Touch DK1 fact sheet 
VR Touch DK1 data sheet. 



VR Touch has been described as the most advanced haptic system for Virtual Reality (read what the press is writing about it or watch the user reaction video). VR Touch is great and now, you can preorder it here by filling the form below.


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