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Are you planning to add "TOUCH" to your Virtual Training at your organization?

We're on a mission to change the way professional training is taught. We are happy to introduce "VIRTUAL HAPTICS TRAINING" powered by Haptic technology. #training #virtualtraining #haptic #machineleaning #vr #immersive #touch #technology

We empower professionals to achieve excellence through our Virtual Haptics Training.

Starting from the 3D CAD drawings of the equipment and the maintenance procedures / practices provided by the customer, we create immersive training solutions that provide natural interactions thanks to the sense of touch.

How we do this?

Our Virtual Haptics Training provides a high-fidelity experience combined with a high function haptics (touch) experience in a VR based environment. This allows you to reduce the rate of risk of trainees operating in dangerous conditions and is cost-effective. Go Touch VR uses the latest high definition graphics and virtual reality techniques combined with the sense of touch to deliver a ‘feel real’ experience. We adapt our solution to match those needs and create value for them.

Professional Training like never before !

From our core technology platform, we provide customized professional training experiences in a VR based environment, employing the very latest virtual reality techniques combined with the sense of touch delivered through a cutting-edge haptics intelligence system.

Having supported several organizations to adapt VIRTUAL HAPTICS TRAINING solution in their professional training, we took the next step in providing our solution in a VRbox - Plug & Train.


We deliver our Virtual Haptics Training with a VRbox including all the necesssary devices needed to deliver VR haptics training.

The devices included in the VRbox are the Windows MR headset,In-built workstation with VR and Haptics compatible PC, Haptics interfaces with VRtouch and haptics enabled training modules.

Advantages of the VR Box are:

  • Reduced Set up time <5 minutes.

  • All software and hardware are pre-configured for the turnkey solution.

  • Robust, easy to check - in any airplane and watertight.

we all work together to push for better #equipmenttraining @gotouchvr - reach out to us today.

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