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How the digital era can improve our professional lives.

GO TOUCH VR partnered with EDF in this year’s VIVATECH in Paris. The show had unprecedented participation from Top speakers and Game – changers from around the world. This edition of Viva Technology was inaugurated by French president Emmanuel Macron, who branded the show as the “Tech for Good” summit. Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame and Senegal’s President Macky Sall were present and speaking at the show.

Thanks to our Partner EDF, who is a clear leader in driving open innovation for utilities. Viva Tech has always been a gathering of the latest and greatest innovations in tech from around 125 countries, but this year the conference shined a spotlight on Tech for Good — or how society can leverage the advances of the digital era to improve training, education, healthcare and other areas of our professional lives.

At the forefront of the digitization of professional training, GO TOUCH VR takes on the challenge of putting Haptics Devices in the hands of every VR/AR enthusiast. We demoed our VIRTUAL HAPTICS TRAINING solution and the feedback was amazing. Virtual Haptics Training Solution makes complex procedures simple to learn through the sense of touch. We have already deployed this technology in various Fortune 500 companies, and the next one can be yours. We want to thank CNRS, INRIA, Lille University, EDF for their amazing support.

Another year, another amazing edition of Viva Technology! Extremely grateful to have been apart of two VivaTechs and to experience this event so vividly with such a generous, hard-working team. Can't wait to see what 2020 will be made of!

Soon we are coming out with path-breaking technologies, so stay tuned with the updates and drop down your E-mail id to be notified first.

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