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Haptics Technology in Education and Research - Raising the bar for haptics perfection.

It's not just about SEEING Anymore in VR, it's about TOUCH.

Haptics has been coming out of research labs and onto our hands. As everyone is looking to upgrade their Virtual reality experience this is the right time everyone is introduced to Haptic technologies and their applications.

At GOTOUCHVR we have taken this challenge a long time ago and developed Haptics solutions for everyone, from a trainee in a company to a student in Research lab everyone can Offord this technology and have the luxury of touch in their VR scenario. After introducing our haptics solutions into the world of Equipment’s and automobiles, now we are taking a huge step by introducing Haptics into academic institutions. We have a strong background thanks to our developers and hardware specialists who have a Ph.D. in their back helping institutions to obtain this amazing technology and create something for the future. As there are a lot of Research happening in institutions in the field of virtual reality in healthcare and machines, our haptics expertise along with our haptic devices can make a huge difference in the projects.

Haptic feedback or “haptics” is the deployment of mechanical stimulation to engage the sense of touch. The most common example is your phone’s vibration, which buzzes to let you know when someone is calling. But in virtual reality, haptic feedback can do so much more, adding a physical dimension to the simulated immersive world. Academic institutions who are working with projects in Virtual reality can integrate with our software development kit to obtain haptics onto their VR content, using our Haptics device -VRTOUCH one can grab virtual objects just like real life. This is not just an illusion but actual TOUCH. A VR and Haptics facility does help in raise a University profile, as more international students are attracted by these cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, most universities use their facility both for business and research. We give researchers the flexibility to work with a wide range of Haptic devices and take the immersive technology to the next level.


· Haptics creates a special type of communication which would be focused upon touch and it takes advantage of the user’s sense of touch and feel.

· Haptics technology is a visceral way for a human to interact with a VR WORLD.

· New forms of interactions can be easily visualized and tested.

· Touch adds a new level to virtual interaction, in particular for non-experts


Wearable Haptic Devices that Presents the TOUCH Sensation.

These devices enable manual interactions in virtual Environments. They are employed for tasks that are usually performed using hands in real world, such as manual exploration and manipulation of objects. According to research studies, adding haptic feedback while someone learns a new task can help them learn faster and perform better. This is one of the reasons we have developed VRTOUCH and GLOVETOUCH a tangible haptics device to interact and manipulate virtual objects.

We provide 2 different academic bundles of VRtouch accompanied with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy integration.

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