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PRE SURGERY PANCREATIC TOMOGRAPHY DATA VISUALIZATION Machine learning, VR and Haptics for pancreatic tomography data visualization



Orobix is an Italian artificial intelligence company providing Problem solutions for image analysis in for healthcare and manufacturing.


Prior to performing the surgical operations, the visualization of the abdomen and pancreatic tomography data is necessary to plan in detail the surgical operation. Current visualization solution involves a representation of the data on a computer screen after an analysis of the data performed with Al algorithms.


  • Essential to reduce the time taken during the pre-operation process for the planning of the surgery.

  • The necessity to have natural HMI interfaces for comfortable use by any senior staff.

Our Solution

Implementation of a Virtual Reality visualization tool linked with Orobix machine learning algorithm. The tool has the capability to modify the machine learning algorithms data in real time through the touchable HMI interface.


  • Implementation of an intuitive and touchable virtual human machine interface for a easy visualization.

  •  An interface of the visualization tool with the machine learning algorithm for real-time parameter modifications

  • Implementation of a powerful data visualization framework in Unity

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