AN ADVANCED HAPTIC INTERFACE FOR VR MEDICAL TRAINING.Digitization of medical training involving complex scenarios and framework.



Medtronic plc is a medical device company, It is among the world's largest medical equipment development companies.


Given the range of skillful pieces of training required, it's difficult for a practicing physician to gain confidence while learning critical scenarios and to respond to emergency response protocols. Complications over new protocols, equipment, and techniques.

Our solution

In partnership with the training department, Gotouchvr came with a solution to make training a better way by introducing Haptic technology in VR. We developed a streamlined procedure enabling the creation of TOUCHABLE with the given content. It’s an immersive, engaging, and safe way to receive training for new pieces of equipment and techniques. Physicians can even simulate different scenarios and create better assessment techniques.


The Framework takes the shape of a series of training modules enabling unsupervised physicians to train for critical scenarios in a secure manner. with our solution, one can experience an infinite number of immersive environments. Users can touch and feel multiple objects simultaneously.