successful month at Go Touch VR

A very successful month for Go Touch VR: May 2017

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May 2017 has been a very successful month for us at Go Touch VR and we want to share our achievement with our community. In the following you can find a bullet point resume, but you can find out more in this nice article from Go Touch VR CEO here: We have been awarded of […]

Viva Technology

VIVA Technology in Paris: a chance to try VR Touch

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Viva Technology is an event that can be defined a hub for the world’s innovators, tech-lovers and pioneers of the future. Viva Technology is built around the simple, but powerful, idea that meaningful relationships can happen between unlikely partners. More than 5000 start-ups and 50000 persons from 200 countries will attend the event this year […]

work at Go Touch VR

Work at Go Touch VR: a great opportunity for your career

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Why should you work at Go Touch VR? Go Touch VR is an  interaction design company currently pioneering tactile solutions for the VR/AR systems. Go Touch VR is a company made by young persons with the great ambition to improve the user experience by introducing innovative and high quality haptic rendering devices for the hand interaction. At Go Touch VR you […]

VR Touch at World Haptics 2017

Go Touch VR at the World Haptics Conference

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IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) World Haptics is the premier international conference addressing all aspects related to haptics, covering the basic scientific underpinnings, technological developments, algorithms, and applications. It is a central venue for reporting research results and demonstrating novel capabilities in the field of haptics. Go Touch VR will participate in the […]

Go Touch VR at VR World in London

Outstanding success for Go Touch VR at VR World

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Outstanding success for Go Touch VR at the VR World with over 500 demos in just 2 days. Specialised press reviewed VR Touch. We thought you might be interested in reading more so we want to share two articles in particular from and Techradar . about VR Touch says: “the sensation of pressing against something was really satisfying and the set […]

Group of VR Touch devices

VR TOUCH community and development updates

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Both our community and the number of VR TOUCH DK1 pre-orders are growing fast. We would like to thank you all for your interest and support. We keep on working hard on the development of VR TOUCH DK1 which is continuing on time. VR TOUCH mechanic components are now completed and fully working. The electronic […]



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VR World is a conference and exhibition focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and their impact beyond gaming. You will have the chance to listen to 150 leading Visionary Speakers from the VR industry. VR World is a great opportunity to catch up with the best player in this amazing market. The event is taking […]

Go Touch VR Machine Learning VR Touch Touch VR Virtual Reality Wearable

Machine Learning and Finite Element Simulation for Real Time Virtual Haptic Signal Synthesis

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The synthesis of haptic stimuli is a challenging problem. This has an impact for Virtual Reality, where the implementation of viable virtual objects manipulation methods is critical. Today, the scientific understanding of the touch sense is not comparable with vision or hearing. For the touch sense, it has yet to be identified a standard set […]

VR Touch DK1

Interview by MTBS3D – Go Touch VR

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A lot of interest in the virtual reality section of the Eureka park during the last CES. Neil Schneider, who first covered Oculus at the beginning of the VR phenomenon, came to our booth for an interview and a demo about our approach to tactile illusion through our haptics technology. Here the full interview of […]