Go Touch VR October agenda 

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Go Touch VR will participate to the following events:  17th – We will participate to #CONEXT, le Salon du Commerce; 19th – We will attend the Thales Open Innovation Days; 25th/26th – We will present our technology to the VSR conference.  

Go Touch VR kick-off meeting in Lille

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The whole Go Touch VR team gathered in Lille for an outstanding two-day kick-off meeting. These two days up in the North, safe, behind the great wall, led to a productive and fruitful gathering. The kick-off meeting offered the perfect occasion for Go Touch VR members to get to know each other better. Adrian (VR Developer), Gabriele […]

EMECA VR Competition

Go Touch VR at the EMECA general assembly

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On the next 19th of September, Go Touch VR co-founder and Product Manager, Vincenzo Giamundo, will be participating and sharing Go Touch VR innovations in VR at the EMECA General Assembly. Go Touch VR has been selected as one of the top five companies by the EMECA Innovation Platform Steering Committee within the contest “wanted: virtual reality […]

VR TOUCH: brief product development update 

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The development of VR TOUCH DEV KIT 1 is continuing with an incredible pace. The device that will be delivered in September will have a new electronics, mechanics and an incredible, completely new, design. It will be more powerful, effective and ready for a lot of new features! We will unveil soon the new design, so, stay tuned!

The near future of VR is in industry and professional training

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Promovideo, a corporate video production company published on their blog a nice insight on the current state of VR industry and its technology. The aim of the article is to to see how VR might affect the future of film and video production. However, the article includes a nice parallel between the online video and the […]

Licence agreement between the University of Lille and Go Touch VR

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In the last days the University of Lille and Go Touch VR have signed an exclusive license agreement for the use and marketing of the “TouchPIN” technology. This technology was developed by Eric Vezzoli (Go Touch VR), Frédéric Giraud (L2EP lab), Betty Lemaire-Semail (L2EP lab) and Laurent Grisoni (Cristal lab). The technology allows to touch and feel […]

First hiring campaign concluded

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At Go Touch VR we believe the team is the soul of a company. During this first hiring campaign the team is expanding exponentially to 15 highly talented professionals. During this campaign, we were nurturing a culture where diversity and inclusion is championed, valued and expected. So, we are proud to have in our team professionals with different […]

Introducing VR Touch: new video explaining our technology

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During the Viva Technology interaction demo, we recorded a pitch from our CEO Eric Vezzoli. This video is very interesting as in few minutes introduces both the current VR interaction problem and the solution given by VR Touch. The video is clear and suitable for any audience (it doesn’t require any technical skill). We kindly suggest to watch it to not only to people […]

work at Go Touch VR

Work at Go Touch VR: a great opportunity for your career (new positions!)

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We are hiring! Since the day one of the strongest point of GoTouch VR has been the Team. We strongly believe that each single person can make the difference. From that day the team keeps expanding. Currently we are searching for talented internal sales representatives. At Go Touch VR you will work in a team of passionate skilled people. You will have the unique chance […]

Viva Technology Recap

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Viva Technology was mind-blowing, a lot of interesting people, tech-lovers, companies doing amazing things, definitely among the best meeting events for start-ups. Over 200 people were trying our VR Touch and all of them gave us fantastic feedbacks. French press was there and we got interviewed by RTL and France bleu and a nice article on supper club. Furthermore, during Viva Tech Go Touch […]