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Go Touch VR Announces Partnership with VR Light and Shadows Studio at Laval Virtual 2018


Signature of the partnership with the VR Light & Shadows studio at the Laval Virtual show


  Go Touch VR will introduce the sense of touch in the most prestigious VR / AR show in Europe, where the company wishes to present its haptic technology and its new partnership. From April 4 to 6, the team will welcome visitors to their booth located at C26, Hall 3


Shadows a leading provider of VR solutions for the industry.,Light & Soon after, the company began a successful partnership with With more than 500 CES 2018 demos and incredible returns, Go Touch VR has captured the enthusiasm of technology enthusiasts and professionals from around the world. 



The two companies worked together to successfully integrate Go Touch VR's haptic technology into the real-time simulations of physical engines developed by Light & Shadows using their Unity®-based INTERACT platform. For the first time, Light and Shadows' advanced system for integrating VR CAD models has a realistic feel, creating a unique interactive experience with Virtual Reality. An overview of their applied work on a professional training experience is available below


The 20th edition of Laval Virtual will be the perfect moment for Go Touch VR to confirm its product launch. Indeed, the main AR / VR event in Europe is expecting more than 17,000 visitors from 45 countries. 
During Laval Virtual, at the Go Touch VR booth, show attendees will have the exclusive opportunity, by wearing VR headphones and VRtouch, to touch, grab, and manipulate virtual objects. VRtouch is the simplest and most functional solution for manipulating and interacting with virtual objects. The device, compatible with leading VR platforms, is wireless, allowing interactive and efficient interaction with virtual reality environments.

 GO TOUCH VR has received awards and praise from organizations such as the French Tech Scholarship and LMI Innovation, which has allowed it to raise around 1 million euros in its fundraising process. Since the beginning of its VRtouch sales campaign in October 2017, Go Touch VR has already shipped orders for many research organizations and companies including IRCICA, INRIA, ALTRAN, EON, Light and Shadow, SCUOLA CAMERANA, OROBIX, VMC and the giant of the BMW automobile .

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