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Enhancement in the effectiveness of flying simulator through touch


Flyinside is a US company developing and commercializing the most advanced VR flying simulator. They have delivered to more than 10000 individual users and hold large airlines and militaries aircraft manufacturers as customers.



Flying simulators engage with a lot of hand based interactions driven by the sense of touches such as buttons, controls, and switches. The absence of this interaction is a major bottleneck for the scalability of such applications on the global market.


  • Impossible to reproduce specific touch interactions 

  • The necessity to ensure the validation of physical interaction with a virtual interface 

  • The necessity to ensure the learning of manual operations 

  • The necessity to avoid expensive Hardware of current simulators

our solution

Implementation of our TOUCHABLE platform along with VR touch device in the present simulation platform developed by Flyinside for specific interactions on their military flying simulator.

  • Implementation of touch sensation for various Aerospace specific interaction

  •  Increase immersion and effectiveness of the flying simulator

Press Release

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The integration was proposed by FlyInside to their customers through the partnership program at Eurosatory show in Paris in June 2018

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