Business cases

Go Touch VR partners with BMW Group Logistics for VR professional training applications


Last fall, the logistics innovations team of the  BMW Group and the  haptics and interaction design company Go Touch VR worked together on various VR scenarios for professional training, starting a fruitful partnership that is changing dramatically the world of VR training. Indeed, although professional training experiences in virtual spaces are not new, the fields of BMW Group logistics offers the exclusive additional component of touch, thanks to the innovative haptic technology of VRtouch.

Working in VR while learning how to interact with complex, expensive machinery certainly is an interesting opportunity for many companies. Among the multiple opportunities offered by VR training scenarios, the possibilities to reduce risks and mistakes, to save time and resources during training courses, and to increase workers’ safety emerged as the main benefits of learning by doing in VR.

However, so far Virtual Reality environment appeared non-realistic, due to the limitations of VR headsets’ immersion to sight and hearing. Thanks to VRtouch, the latest product of Go Touch VR, a realistic touch sensation can now be involved in Virtual Reality environments, increasing immensely the opportunities of interacting with virtual spaces through actions such as pushing virtual buttons, and grabbing virtual objects in a natural fashion.

BMW Group logistics grasped immediately the innovative nature of Go Touch VR  solutions. The collaboration between the two companies resulted in three concrete VR scenarios for BMW Group logistics department. These scenes simulated real situations that happen in the everyday life of BMW workers, and fostered the training of specific actions that can be repeated thousands of time in VR before applied in real work situations. For example, in the first scenario workers were trained to unload a track in the fastest and most effective way; while in the second scene they learned to move correctly a complex mechanical hand on the production line every 40 seconds, exactly like in real production.  They later collaborate in the modelling of other logistics scenarios to design and optimise current operational techniques involving manipulation and interaction with virtual objects.

These scenarios are just examples of the various successful opportunities offered by Go Touch VR’s solutions. According to its partner’s needs, the company can provide for the most effective VR scenarios for professional training in the most different and complex field.

Another effective partnership between GoTouchVR and professional training institution Scuola Camerana


In 2017, French interaction design company GoTouchVR and Italian professional training institution Scuola Camerana collaborated to create VR scenarios that benefit from the innovative touch solutions developed by GoTouchVR. Despite VR is currently used in professional training in many fields, the haptic component of touch patented by the French company make the human-VR interactions definitely more realistic, and incredibly more effective for learning.

In the context of Scuola Camerana, the aim of the professional training courses is to develop specific competences in the production field, practicing on expensive, dangerous machineries. VR simulations allow simultaneous training opportunities for all the classroom that are risk-free. Indeed, all the participants are trained at the same time, and they can work on the VR reproduction of the same machineries, saving time and space. Furthermore, workers have the possibility to explore machineries freely in the safe environment of virtual reality. Making mistakes while training is an essential part of the learning process, and this can have no longer consequences on real, expensive machineries thanks to VR opportunities.



As shown in the picture, machineries are very realistic and generated from CAD files. Users can act concretely thanks to the VRtouch haptic technology, pressing buttons and grabbing objects while learning how to interact with the machineries. The ability to interact naturally thanks to touch interaction allows for simple use case the possibility to avoid the use of powerful and expensive software simulation tools. One of the strengths of this approach to professional training is its potential to be performed remotely. Indeed, in the future users will be able to practice at home through portable VR platforms, before attending specific courses that certificate officially the competences developed. The savings are enormous: an initial investment on GoTouchVR solutions has the potential to create a big value through time saving, a more effective use of human resources, and economy on concrete expenses such as machinery.

The partnership with Scuola Camerana is just one of the many active collaborations developed by GoTouchVR. The company can provide for the most effective VR scenarios for professional training in the most different and complex field, according to the partners’ needs.