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BMW Group vehicles are the epitome of innovation, combining cutting-edge technologies with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes.


The Logistic department of BMW has faced several challenges while designing their logistic process,   and implementing the correct procedures to their employees.



obligations within

​ ​

  • To test  the ergonomics of a new logistics procedure

  • To train the employees on the new procedure

  • To ensure the learning of manual operations

 Our Solution

As a consultant Gotouchvr supported  BMW's development of a set of scenarios for the design and review of a new logistics process.


Within the scenario they were able to:

  • Test the ergonomics of the developed logistics procedure

  • Train the employees on the developed procedure.


The touch sense was fundamental to ensure the exact manipulation and interaction with the virtual objects by the employee testing the environment.






















VR TRAINING AND HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN Several logistics training scenarios and virtual reality design

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