Go touch VR receives grant from the Innovation Contest 2018 organized by BPI.

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We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded € 850,000 (approx. 1 M USD) from the 2018  <<Innovation Contest>> organized by the French public investment bank, the BPI. These funds made of two thirds of subsidies and a third of recoverable advances, will support the development of the TOUCHABLE platform that will allow the interoperability of haptic devices for Extended Reality. The platform will enable content creators to […]

Our haptic technology in the heart of Paris

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We are happy to announce that we developed two successful collaborations that allowed us to install our haptic technology to touch virtual reality in two key spots in the heart of Paris. On the one hand, the Accenture Innovation Center integrated our solution in its space dedicated to the most innovative technological improvements for industry. […]

Go Touch VR raises 1M$ in 2017

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Throughout the course of 2017, the company has continued to optimize the design and functionality of the VRtouch, maximizing its effectiveness for use in professional training, data interaction, simulation and engineering fields. These efforts have resulted in the unique flagship product they will be highlighting on the showroom floor at the CES 2018. Go Touch VR has […]

Visit our new website !

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This last December, we have been very busy working on our new website. You can find there plenty of explanation about why VRtouch is different, far from the current haptics solution employed in VR/AR interaction system. We delivered a performing tech that can be used, embedded, and delivered in today’s VR/AR ecosystem, enabling natural interaction with virtual objects.

Go Touch VR: Touch Virtual Reality

Go Touch VR in Asia

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This November, Go Touch VR has been very busy forging strong connections in Eastern Asia. Among the visited countries, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan were much of an adventure where we were welcomed by several potential business partners, all of them being very dynamic in various fields: professional training, simulation, advanced engineering, etc..  These meetings were […]

Go Touch VR at the 2017 Virtual Reality Strategy Conference in San Francisco

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The 25th and 26th of October, Go Touch VR participated to the conference Virtual Reality Strategy (VRS). This annual conference is organised by Greenlight Insights, one of the leader in virtual and augmented reality market intelligence. During these two days, research-driven experts and high-level attendees in the field of AR/VR discussed the most recent innovative solution, […]

Go Touch VR kick-off meeting in Lille

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The whole Go Touch VR team gathered in Lille for an outstanding two-day kick-off meeting. These two days up in the North, safe, behind the great wall, led to a productive and fruitful gathering. The kick-off meeting offered the perfect occasion for Go Touch VR members to get to know each other better. Adrian (VR Developer), Gabriele […]