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Machine Learning and Finite Element Simulation for Real Time Virtual Haptic Signal Synthesis

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The synthesis of haptic stimuli is a challenging problem. This has an impact for Virtual Reality, where the implementation of viable virtual objects manipulation methods is critical. Today, the scientific understanding of the touch sense is not comparable with vision or hearing. For the touch sense, it has yet to be identified a standard set […]

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Touch Virtual Reality with VR Touch – Interaction Video

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We are experimenting a lot with our VR Touch with object manipulation in Virtual Reality.  We developed an interaction scenario with a virtual object performed through the Leap Motion hand tracking. We compare the interaction strategies between the hand and the object with or without our wearable VR Touch. Leap Motion Only The tracking of […]

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SSVAR and Go Touch VR collaboration

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We are proud to announce the collaboration between Go Touch VR and the SSVAR – Swiss Society for Virtual and Augmented Reality. We will work together to meet the VR enthusiasts and professionals to our advanced wearable haptics technology embedded in VR Touch. The SSVAR is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland and is dedicated to bridge the gap between the masses and […]

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1000 times thank you

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We would like to thanks all our awesome community for the first 1000 followers on Twitter. This is just the beginning, in a while we will unveil the design of our wearable VR Touch for an high quality haptic feedback for virtual reality. Stay tuned for more updates fellas, the haptic revolution is coming! 1000 […]

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Go Touch VR at Talent Day – 8 December

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Go Touch Vr will participate at the Talent Day in a roundtable on multisensoriality in Virtual Reality games. We will bring our vision on the importance of adding high quality haptic feedback to the Virtual Reality interaction with our wearable VR Touch. The participants of this roundtable are: Julien Villedieu from SNJV, Nicolas Langlois from Ivory Tower, and UBISOFT […]