Since our last CES adventure, we have been hard at work improving the design and functionality of the VRtouch and are excited to finally unveil our fully wireless haptics solution for VR/AR  in January (Booth 51105 – Eureka Park Marketplace).

Coupling virtual and actual contact not only greatly enhances immersion but can also improve a user’s ability to control, interact, and retain information when exploring virtual or augmented spaces.  If this sort of experience is new to you, you’re in for a treat!

We’re all too aware that CES can be an excitingly hectic time, so let’s schedule a time to meet ahead of the show so you can demo the device for yourself or chat with us about the incredible developments we’re seeing in regards to combining haptics with VR.  We’d also be happy to provide our personal insight and experience within the VR/AR community and discuss any recent trends in order to assist with the event coverage you might be planning.

You can find more information about our company and the VRtouch in our recent press update:

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Safe travels and we hope to see you at the show !