Go Touch VR in Asia

Go Touch VR: Touch Virtual Reality

This November, Go Touch VR has been very busy forging strong connections in Eastern Asia. Among the visited countries, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan were much of an adventure where we were welcomed by several potential business partners, all of them being very dynamic in various fields: professional training, simulation, advanced engineering, etc..  These meetings were fruitful and confirmed the potential of Go Touch VR pioneering technology to generate curiosity and impress publics from various backgrounds. In addition, we had the chance to meet with several VR companies such as HTC and Acer, which confirmed that our solution is the one that meets the needs of real world usage, by relying on great haptics and interaction performances. Not surprisingly, our contacts there acclaimed the VRtouch platform, confirming its potential as one of the most accomplished haptic solution currently available. In addition, Go Touch VR received many positive feedbacks praising in particular the effortless and straightforward use of the VRtouch devices.
Altogether, this trip in Asia led us to discover and try other cutting-edge technologies and opened fantastic doors for Go Touch VR.