Go Touch VR at the 2017 Virtual Reality Strategy Conference in San Francisco

The 25th and 26th of October, Go Touch VR participated to the conference Virtual Reality Strategy (VRS). This annual conference is organised by Greenlight Insights, one of the leader in virtual and augmented reality market intelligence. During these two days, research-driven experts and high-level attendees in the field of AR/VR discussed the most recent innovative solution, at the intersection between the emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR distribution and investment, enterprise channel strategy and experiential marketing. Go Touch VR introduced its disruptive technology and its infinite applications for healthcare, gaming, design or training. He performed over 90 demos, receiving enthusiastic feedbacks from VR/AR experts, developers, investors and final users. In particular, we got the opportunity to discuss with key players in the field of VR such as; Ultraptics, HTC VIVE, Zero Latency, FLEX, IMAX  and many more.