Go Touch VR kick-off meeting in Lille

The whole Go Touch VR team gathered in Lille for an outstanding two-day kick-off meeting. These two days up in the North, safe, behind the great wall, led to a productive and fruitful gathering. The kick-off meeting offered the perfect occasion for Go Touch VR members to get to know each other better. Adrian (VR Developer), Gabriele and Lea (Sales Team), the new recruits working in Lille, took the chance to introduce themselves to the rest of Go Touch VR team. The co-founders (Eric Vezzoli, Thomas Sednaoui, Vincenzo Giamundo and Zlatko Vidrih), the Partnership Manager (Anne Munchenbach) and the General Manager (Livio Signorelli) warmly welcomed the participants and introduced the upcoming Company, Product and Sales strategy. They took the time to hear each and everyone’s questions, suggestions and thoughts. Grenoble and Lille office are both assured of their capabilities to function together as a connected and stronger team.