Newsweekly update

The near future of VR is in industry and professional training

Promovideo, a corporate video production company published on their blog a nice insight on the current state of VR industry and its technology. The aim of the article is to to see how VR might affect the future of film and video production. However, the article includes a nice parallel between the online video and the VR. “The past decade has seen online video rise from a useful though luxury item to a ubiquitous marketing and training tool essential for organisations to communicate and present themselves to the world”. VR is following the same path and we believe that nowadays it is already becoming an essential training tool for Industry and it has the potential to take all this to a new level. The article also includes video short interviews to many company currently working in VR. Among those Go Touch VR and here at min 3:14 you can find the short interview to our CEO.