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A very successful month for Go Touch VR: May 2017

successful month at Go Touch VR

May 2017 has been a very successful month for us at Go Touch VR and we want to share our achievement with our community. In the following you can find a bullet point resume, but you can find out more in this nice article from Go Touch VR CEO here:

  • We have been awarded of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Action (MSCA) second prize for innovation and entrepreneurship. The prize was awarded by the European General Director of Education during the MSCA 2017 Conference in Malta.
  • We have been awarded of the Bourse French Tech by BPI (a label of excellence providing financing for outstanding project with great growth potential and disruptive technology).
  • We have obtained the status of “lauréat LMI innovation” as “pepite” (the most promising and visionary projects). It is worth notice that the pepite status is reserved to the top 6 %  funded projects and it is a recognized label of quality.

All of these successes allowed us to raise 110 k euro in non dilutive financing, and obtain multiple feedbacks and appreciation for our business model, strategy and vision around natural interaction strategies for virtual and augmented reality.