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The meaning of Go Touch VR Emblem – Weekly Update

go touch vr haptic haptics vr touch wearable VR

The logo behind a brand is meant to resume in only one simple graphical piece the vision of the company and, at the same time, it has to be original and easy to remember. In the logo there is usually an emblem, which wants to communicate the whole message behind the project through the its simple shape and color, it has to inspire and distinguish, and being extremely simple and recognizable at the same time. It is not an easy task, all the mayor companies spends a lot of time and effort to produce it, and in Go touch VR we did the same. After a long work, we think we nailed it.
go touch vr haptic haptics vr touch wearable VR

Go Touch VR Emblem

It is important to state the messages leading to the graphical design to communicate our ideas. Here what our emblem signifies:

  1. The two circles represent the virtual and real world interlacing, they are almost touching and superimposing because of the increased immersion provided by the sense of touch.
  2. The rounded shape represents our approach on haptics devices based on the form factor of a ring, which inspired our VR touch.
  3. The concept of the circle wants to communicate our vision of a unique high quality haptic device for all the Augmented and Virtual Reality headset.

These were the messages that we wanted to drive through our emblem, representing Go Touch VR vision for haptics in VR.