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Designing VR Touch – Weekly Update

VR Touch Haptic Virtual Reality Design

After the first successful integration of our VR Touch in a wearable form factor everything was done in the mind of the engineer. It Works! nice! Now it has to look good.

Good luck with that.

We started the research of a suitable designer with the set of skills to make it look beautiful, comfortable, and, more importantly, moldable.

We travelled around France and Italy to pitch our project to every designer, to communicate them our passion and vision on the enormous potential of VR Touch in Augmented and Virtual Reality. We struggled, but in the end, we found the perfect partner.

We wanted something with an extremely clean design, but which is able to communicate our vision for VR Touch. The conjunction of the virtual and real world provided by the sense of touch. We found this partner in StrmStudio.

5 features of VR touch design

  1. Clean Design
  2. Confortable Ergonomic
  3. Easily wearable
  4. Transparent from factor
  5. Beautiful

StrmStudio already designed fantastic wearable devices where the ergonomic is fundamental, such as the FootBar Meteor. It tracks in real time the performances of the football players (soccer for the US friends).

Footbar Device
Football Device designed by StrmStudio

Our first meeting was amazing, it was a brainstorm of ideas around VR and haptic. Discover more about haptic technology here.

More importantly, they are already designing in VR, and felt a compelling absence of a high quality Haptic feedback while working with it. We found a customer, a contractor and a beta tester all in one.

We are eager to have the first draft of the device soon to start working on it, so that at CES we can unveil our beautiful VR Touch.


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