Thinking like a Businessman

Now we are on the road for CES, but it was a long way this year. We started from being totally naive on how to think outside from research, and ended winning our first funding from Cre’ innove this July. In the middle, a lot of burning meeting happened, and then, slowly and painfully, we started to understand that Business is not Research. In research, certitude do not exist, everything is always in doubt. In business? What you say is a religion, and you quantify the unquantifiable, and start to realize that the world works in this way.

We understood that the will is the driver of the project, and if you are sure that nobody and nothing will stop you, you just find open doors.

Truly believing that what you are doing is great, makes it easy to communicate it to the others, and the dream to be bring your own vision to the market, becomes just a pin on the calendar.

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