The Beginning

The Go Touch VR adventure began, like every good story, when me, Thomas and Zlatko were young and happy in a pub in Bruxelles. We decided out of a joke to do a bike travel from Vancoover and San Francisco the following summer, and still drunk we bought some extremely cheap plane ticket for the following August; the decision was made. We ended up having a great adventure lasting one month, started with a couple of bags in Paris airport and ended with a Canadian bike, cycled till san Francisco and imported on month later in Italy. After that experience, a part of the team was formed. The last, but not the least, member of the team is Vincenzo, companion of many adventures in the Prototouch project. After many years of projects and travel together, the decision to do a startup was just a natural evolution. That is the beginning, and it became real the 1st of January 2016. Go Touch VR was created, and our adventure in the Virtual Reality and Haptics started.

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