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Altran ranks as the undisputed global leader in Engineering and R&D services (ER&D), Altran works alongside its clients, from initial concept through industrialization, to invent the products and services of tomorrow. For over 30 years, the company has provided expertise in aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, finance, life sciences, railway and telecommunications.

Problems faced

 As a human, controlling and programming of Industrial Robots is a complex procedure that involves various security steps and design.



  • Various security procedures are manditatory when operating in presence of robots

  • Difficult to control robots with standard UI

  • The most efficient way to program robots are based on Hand-Robot guidance, needing expensive and complex controls schemes.

Our Solution





















Virtualization of control and interaction in a real robot

  • Development at Altran with the support of Go Touch VR of a real time control solution of Industrial Robots. It guarantees simple and effective control showing the way for a complete virtualization of the Robot – Human interface future of industry. Touch is fundamental to ensure viable and realistic HMI interfaces.

  •  Enables real time control of robots through touch.

  • Ability to deliver unsupervised control of complex robot in safe environment. 

  • Development of flexible virtual HMI interface

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