Unique haptic experience

VR Touch is a revolutionary haptic wearable device for Augmented and Virtual Reality systems. The device creates a real contact under the user’s fingers matching the virtual contact experienced in virtual reality. The coupling of virtual, experienced with the sight, and real contact, experienced with VR Touch, generates not just a feeling, but the illusion of touching a real object providing the user for a unique haptic experience never seen before in VR/AR.

Integrated solution for VR

VR Touch is fully wireless, and has the size of a ring. It’s scalable concept involving one, two, or even ten fingers, each equipped with a device, allows the proper user experience for any kind of applications such as: gaming3D designmusic playingvirtual desktop, and 3D pointingVR Touch is ready to work with OculusHTC ViveOSVR and Google Daydream and it is compatible with: Leap MotionIntel Real Sense, UnityUnreal Engine, and CryEngine.

Our Ambition

Go Touch VR is an interaction design company founded by leading expert in the field of haptics and human machine interaction. The main goal of Go Touch VR is pioneering tactile solutions for the VR/AR systems. Our ambition is to improve the user experience by introducing innovative and high quality haptic rendering devices for the hand interaction in selected industries. Go Touch VR pursues its aim through continuous and innovative research.


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